Please Note: All orders are placed via our contact page or over the phone.

We offer free delivery within a 15 mile radius of Freddy's Logs. If you are outside of our 15 mile radius we charge £1 per mile extra.

Your firewood will be delivered by one of our own trucks fitted with a crane. The logs will be delivered in a bulk bag and unloaded using the crane to your preferred position or as near as possible.

We offer a log stacking service at £10 per bulk bag.

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Seasoned Hard Wood Logs In A Vented Bulk Bag.

 £75 a bag or £70 each for two or more.

British Seasoned Hardwood logs naturally air dried to an average  moister  content of 20%.  Great for open fires or log burners.

Sustainably sourced and cut to an average of 25cm.

Barrow Bag Of  Seasoned Hardwood Logs.


Requiring less storage space that the larger bulk bags, barrow bags are about the size of a domestic wheelie bin and are stuffed full of our seasoned hardwood logs.



Our Kiln dried Kindling is dried to less than 12% moisture content, this making it very easy to light. We produce our own kindling to ensure consistency and quality.


20kg bag of Smokeless Coal


Smokeless coal last up to 40% longer than house coal, generate up to 20% more heat, and produce up to 80% less smoke.

Wood Wool Firelighters


Made from wood shavings, spun in to wood rope and dipped in wax, our wood wool firelighters are 100% natural and burn for an average of 5-8 minutes. Pack contains 50 Firelighters.